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Susan Hartley's


Amber helps Tori get ready
as Cara, Candice, Kayla, Katie and Kaitlyn
watch and wait.
Four reindeer waiting for their turn on stage -
Teagan, Ali, Kayla G. and Hollis.
Who's Got the Pain When They Do The Mambo?

Katie, Sarah, Kaitlyn and Tori
 boogie to Bandstand!
Christie goes over the line up
with Sarah, Amber and Alyssa.
Halsey, Kayla T., Katie and Candice
are "In the Zone" and ready to go onstage!
Is that Prancer and Dancer ? 
Close! It's Dancer and Dancer -
, Teagan and Hollis!

Kaitlyn and Trish backstage.
Halsey, Kayla T., Candice and Katie
wait their turn.

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